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Wipeout Pulse

Wipeout Pulse

A racing game Wipeout appeared firstly in the distant 1995 at PlayStation One. Instead of normal cars, we gave the cars rolling by air, gave supersonic speed, and the opponent was shot easily from the spread on the track weapons than overtake them. Since then passed 13 years. Developers hone successful concept, get rid of unnecessary and with apprehension, on a pinch, introduced new elements. Wipeout remained the same, and perhaps no force in the world be able to change it…

Our new guest called Wipeout Pulse (previous game on the PlayStation Portable called Wipeout Pure - look, do not mix) has all the traits of good additions: improved graphics, an updated soundtrack, a pair of new weapons and a pile of championships with absolutely insane tracks. Each of them is has steep rotations and plumb-line running under the road. Because of the tremendous speed its easy to lose orientation, does not know where the top and bottom, the world turns into mix of bright colors. All tours are held under electronic music like House and Trance. It perfectly fits into the style of game, but if you have different preferences, you can load playlist from your own compositions.

Wipeout Pulse screenshot 2
The campaign now allows you to choose the sequence of tests. In total there are 16 career stages, called Grid, each of which there about a dozen of entertainment. If you are dialing a certain number of points – you moved to the next level. In principle, there is nothing new here, most of the regimes are here from the Pure, and "novelties" (Eliminator, Zone Mode), we are obliged to previous games series. Earning medals, we will gradually open the new cars, tracks and regimes. There are many of them and the passing of a career can subtract by about 12 not hours.

Before the race begins there is a possibility to choose the difficulty level of AI, but AI opponent, in any case, can not compete player. Strangely enough, this game is not spoils. All because the principal rival in racing is speed.

Wipeout Pulse screenshot 3
There is a speed limit there. For example, at first - a maximum of 500 km / hr, on the second - 650 km / hr, etc. At the last all objects smeared, and nothing can be seen at all. And level and competitors disappear as well, leaving only colors on the screen and one desire to survive. Especially funny it looks in the mode “Eliminator”, in which you should not come first, but destroy all rivals. Make it at the last speed limit is almost impossible. Because of this complexity at the recent levels are almost at the limit of human capabilities.

Wipeout Pulse screenshot 4
In Zone Mode entire trail is divided into zones, and passing each, the maximum speed instantly increases. In such cases, you can forget about the brake and analog, is now able to enjoy life just flaps, which are located Button R and L. They help to stall and into the turns.

Wipeout Pulse screenshot 7
The most important acquisition of the Wipeout Pulse became the online multiplayer. You can now freely organize competitions, take part in the championships, to send your records to colleagues that they tried to beat your records. To give identity to your car, you enabled to paint it in your own color. In addition, through online you can download additional tracks and "skins" for the cars. Some - for free.

Wipeout Pulse is good, so we only saw it many times already. But if you do not know what Wipeout is… What!? Do not have this wonderful game?

• Crazy tracks and crazy speed
• A large number of championships
• A online multiplayer
• Great Graphic
• Excellent music

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