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FlatOut: Head On

 FlatOut: Head On

To expect from the FlatOut: Head On the progress is as pointless as to call rain in the desert. The developers didn’t complicate their life with a search for new ideas, and built a "new" project entirely on the basis of the second part of the game. They pained gently the number "two" in the title, replaced the music disc in player, added new cars and lowered the level of game graphics as well. As if we - the players - did not notice deception and starting with nostalgic tears, racing on the familiar tracks learned by heart. But crashing iron sides of opponents is still fun.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 2
It’s all because of mad physics, which allows disassemble cars and leave track in rubbish car parts. Drivers fly through the windscreen easily, cars smash for spare parts. In general, continuous lawlessness still happens. Gestations take off into the air, scaffoldings falling down slowly, tires turn somersaults before the eyes, and day sun shines peacefully. Cars kiss passionately with hoods, going off road, as on asphalt, and do not even feel the effects. The player is not distracted by accurate turning when behind our car are motors of unpredictable maniac crowd.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 4
Seven opponents have not only lovely profile portraits and prehistory in the two proposals, but also extremely aggressive characteristics. AI here is rare and cowardly rascal. Opponents disturb each other with kicks; give its leadership for trying pull over player’s car. Fortunately, "health" of cars is enough to a whole tank battalion, so you can play tricks.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 5
Combats with rebelliousness AI occur in two basic game modes. Carnage Mode for its completion will require some amount of points, when a classic campaign requires some quantity of medals. There is no more difference between them, because the main entertainments are similar. Several tracks propose to win the peak of Olympus flooded with engine oil. Circus exercises will force the driver fly through rings of fire or to be a soccer balls.Tiny arenas will allow arrange Destruction Derby in miniature. Well, and a several tracks designed specifically for professional speed riders.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 6
There are three class vehicles for player needs. Off-road cars are large and look like retired transformers, and growl as the wounded internal combustion engine. For them there are grubby country paths and town houses to be demolished. A racing class is for cooler guys. Cars, painted with sponsorship logos conquering not only villages but abandoned megacities as well. Street-race cars are real crown of road evolution, fast, expensive and compliance for the damages. For their services there are stadiums with piles of construction debris. So the appearance of new tracks is perhaps, the most serious difference between the four fighter classes. Cars behavior is not too different: increased speed, and altered weight.

The destruction of virtual champs not bring you joy? Access WI-Fi, taking three friends with you and to arrange a local Battle. Fans of stunts may have one PSP to eight people in general. More is not required: fulfilled crazy stunt and handed console a friend.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 7
Plastic surgeons worked not bad over appearance of the FlatOut: Head On. Textures blurred, effects curtailed - many simplifications, but the worst thing is the framerate, which in the second, makes the game looks like slide show. But this delays enough to the player to lost control.

The second difference is music. There is no excess or boring melodies, each one of them - aggressive, fast, clearly sets the mood of the race. But you learn by heart all accessible texts easily just to the final of first league. Tiny set of compositions hardly enough to hundreds of tracks.

FlatOut: Head On honestly copies of his older brother in all: the same tracks, the same game modes, and the same crazy drive. Even physical engine - the most valuable piece - moving to PSP left the same. Mountains of scrap metal and barrels of adrenaline guaranteed if not strain the product of "second freshness".

• Entertainment physics which makes the race are absolutely crazy fun
• Cruel, unpredictable opponents
• A variety of game modes
• Extensive geography of the races: from country side to cities and special racing tracks
• Relevant soundtrack
• Qualitative multiplayer

• Nearly complete copy of the second FlatOut
• Modest number of music tracks
• Frequent repetition of tracks

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