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Speed Racer

That the Wachowski brothers, having brought their blockbusting Matrix trilogy to a close, would turn their directorial attention to adapting a children's Japanese anime for the big screen was something of a surprise. But, while critics seem divided, it seems to have been a good decision where younger audiences are concerned, the combination of lightning-fast futuristic cars, wide-eyed drama and the all new art of 'Car Fu' proving popular. It's also a premise perfectly suited to videogame conversion, ripe for a Mario-Kart-on-the-moon treatment, and this Wii adaptation is surprisingly solid for a movie-based title. Welcome Speed Racer

Speed Racer
Speed Racer based on the World Racing League (WRL), a competition in which drivers streak around tracks at 400mph, use vehicle 'jump jacks' to launch into the air and slide around corners using their rotating wheels. To control the cars in Speed Racer you'll be holding the Wiimote horizontally (either on its own or in the racing wheel cradle). You steer by tilting the whole controller left and right and, to jump, you move the wheel quickly up and toward you.

During jumps you can pull off stylish flips and stunts, although, as these are triggered with the d-pad they can be a little fiddly to execute. You’ve a shunt move for smacking into opponents but it's the slide that you’ll really need to get to grips with if you’re to start winning races. Releasing the '2' button, turning the wheel and then pushing it down again will throw the car into a sideways drift allowing you to tightly follow the curves of the track without the need for hard braking, an essential technique on the road to stardom.

Speed Racer screenshot 2
This palette of moves can be combined to create more complex Car-Fu manoeuvres that help you gain advantage on the track by taking out opponents, slowing them down or evading and recovering from their attacks. Move combinations allow you to perform 360 degree roundhouse spins, torpedo-like barrel roll attacks and painful smack downs whereby you land on top of an opponent. Of course these moves are all a means to an end: winning the race and with speed boosts (if you can manage to avoid hitting the sides of the track), slipstreaming, alliances and speed up squares there's an impressive variety of tools to help you achieve this goal.

Speed Racer presents a good-sized championship to play through and you earn points in each race not only for the final position you achieve but also for the amount of Car Fu you executed in doing so. Time Trials and a simple split screen multiplayer mode provide some additional content and with multiple characters there's a decent if not generous amount of game here for your money.

Speed Racer is not going to cause a revolution in futuristic racing games and it lacks the polish and tightness of rivals Wipeout Pulse and F-Zero but, nevertheless, it does provide short sharp bursts of fun and expands competently upon the world of the movie.

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Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue

Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue
Doing things in high definition takes longer. We all know that. The average car in Gran Turismo 4 was made up of over 4,000 polygons. The figure for Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue is meant to be higher than 200,000. Being pretty goes a long way, but with 71 cars and just six tracks (High Speed Ring, Daytona, Fuji Speedway, Eiger Nordwand from Gran Turismo HD Concept, Suzuka Circuit and a section of central London), it will have to go a very long way, right? That's not a lot of content, even when you factor in a second variation of each track. GT4 had 721 cars. Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue launches in Europe with 71. We may be 11 million polygons ahead, but we're 650 cars behind.

Fortunately, Prologue does a lot with the means at its disposal. 30 race events are split evenly across three classes. Initially you're hauling cheap Suzukis and Hondas to the front of 8 to 12-car packs for two or three laps, reinvesting the prize purse in faster cars. As the field thickens with Skylines, Imprezas, Mustangs and Ford GTs, you're asked to go further, the AI pushing you harder.

Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue screenshot 2
Complete A-Class and you unlock a Quick Tune feature - new for the European Prologue - that lets you adjust weight ratios, aerodynamics, ride heights, camber angles, torque balance, gear ratios and other performance-related settings, with your work graded against a performance index. You can make real-time performance adjustments during races by assigning custom configurations to buttons on the Sixaxis or Driving Force GT wheel, and a further run of ten S-Class events specifically for tuned cars pushes you harder still, penalising you for ramming or taking shortcuts, in a field of 16 cars just as if not more tricked out than yours. Even if you coast through A-Class, S-Class will force you to regroup and work out what all the dials do.

To get that far takes over a dozen hours, and you probably have fewer cars than that in your garage when you do. You can also race in Manufacturer-specific races, hidden away in the Dealership screens, for extra credits. Then there's Arcade mode, where you can tackle any of the game's tracks in whichever configuration you like, with any vehicle, either as a one-off race, a Time Trial, or a Drift Trial. Drift Trial is what kept us picking away at Gran Turismo HD Concept for so long, throwing the back out around Eiger Nordwand and watching videos of scarily dedicated Japanese gamers doing the same thing more effectively on YouTube and trying to copy them. Now you can do it with far more cars, and a range of tuning options, on six tracks. Also new to the European Prologue is two-player, horizontal split-screen racing, which works without any obvious dip in performance.

Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue screenshot 3
On the track, those 200,000 polygons glide through turns at 60 frames-per-second, a few slight dips excepted, in the promised 1080p resolution. A lot of them must have gone into the car interior, from where you can now view the action if you prefer, watching your driver's gloved hands gently correcting slides and reaching for the gear-stick, and looking over your shoulder past stupidly accurate rear spoilers. The weather is consistently bright and cheery, limiting track conditions but allowing you to gawp at reflections crawling realistically over the bodywork of cars ahead of you and in your mirrors. As you steer and brake through the first corner at Suzuka, the shadows move across your dashboard and body, and as you exit the tunnel on High Speed Ring the sunshine blinds you until the detail emerges from the glare.

Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue screenshot 4
GT's visuals are sometimes accused of lacking personality - a perception reinforced by its robotic artificial intelligence. On the latter point, rolling starts do away with your ability to bully opponents out of the way on the first corner, although the cars remain completely invincible, so it's still an annoyingly useful tactic unless the foul-play penalties are active to throttle you back for a few seconds when you misbehave. On the whole though opposition defends the racing line more aggressively, and the combination of high speeds and unforgiving physics mean it's impractical to block using your rear-view. As for personality, few mainstream racing games - Forza now excepted - demand as much braking skill and obedience to the racing line.
Even so, it's all surprisingly easy to get into. GT's infamous licence tests are absent, but beginners can call upon steering and stability management to correct oversteer and avoid skids, while the driving line shows you where to go and where to brake. Braking target-speeds hover above corners, so if you keep half an eye on the speedometer you can see exactly when to reapply acceleration, and there's no penalty for using these crutches throughout the game, while the volume of cars beyond your means on the first play-through and the fearsome challenge of the S-Class races encourage you to kick off the stabilisers once you're suitably adjusted.

Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue screenshot 5
GT bills itself as "The Real Driving Simulator". There's depth here thanks to a choice of Standard and Professional driving physics, emphasising the already stark differences between the various cars. As well as choosing between three types of normal, racing and sports tyres, as you could in HD Concept, you can now choose different sets for front and rear. The Quick Tune page is host to countless sliders, drop-downs, and graphs plotting torque, power and gear ratios. Cars are tangibly beholden to what's been set for them, and audio cues assist with slipstreaming, while the track surface is manicured subtly enough that you can feel the difference in key areas. Vibration will help here, when DualShock3 eventually materialises in the West, and Prologue's ready for it.

The game's interface is no less slick. Everything is accessed through My Page, a glossy preview of your currently-selected car in quiet surroundings, like a crumbly stone-walled garden in Nurburg, where your car nests in thick grass and butterflies dance in the sunlight, or a quiet-looking Kyoto suburb or a park in Bad Neuenahr. Icons run across the bottom of the screen, and as long as you're connected to PSN a calendar sits on the left beneath a compressed world map dotted with race locations, each one throbbing slightly as a rotation of real-time weather readouts for each area refreshes in the top-right. From My Page you can access racing news (sadly not active pre-release) and download high-definition videos from Gran Turismo TV. These include historical videos (and, if you bought the PSN version rather than Blu-ray, downloadable versions of the opening and closing movies), and Top Gear episodes are meant to follow thanks to a deal with the BBC.

Another icon of which you'll be taking note is "Online", the doorway to Prologue's vaunted 16-player online races, but this is easily the weakest part of the game in its current state. With no in-game XMB (summer, hopefully) and no bespoke friends lists or proper matchmaking options, you just pick one of the server-set tasks and wait for the game to link you up with other players. Pre-release, these were placeholder tasks like a single-lap, all-comers race around a particular circuit, and an online time trial with its own leaderboard. Next to the vast array of options and brilliant Xbox Live integration in games like Forza Motorsport 2 and Project Gotham Racing 4 on 360, it's incredibly basic, although Polyphony plans to add more functionality later. As long as the range of tasks is refreshed regularly, it should offer a lot of gameplay, and performance was solid in our tests, but keeping the specifications out of your hands is completely at odds with the rest of the game.

And while the interface is certainly arresting, it's a little unintuitive in places. Events and split-screen races allow you to restart the same race or boot you back to My Page; there's no quick and simple way to switch between cars without entering the Garage via My Page (irritating when you'd rather just move onto the next task in sequence with a suitable car); and while the range of adjustable game options is vast, they are only accessible, again, via My Page, and not during races, where adjusting button layouts and audio levels is most practical and desirable. There's no option to customise the music you hear, either, and single songs repeat themselves during events that exceed their runtime, rather than cycling to the next.
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is cluttered with minor imperfections and imbalances such as these. Event mode takes longer to finish than many of the PS3's big-name action games, and Quick Tune extends its life considerably, but it's not brilliantly structured. Drift Trials are separate, racing penalties are ignored until S-Class and Manufacturer races. The gorgeous London track is barely used unless you go after it. Prologue's definitely not just a demo, but it's not quite a game, either - it's more of a play-set for petrolheads, declining to impress more than a tokenistic difficulty curve upon you and letting you tinker and challenge yourself instead. As a result it's not quite brilliant, and we particularly mourn the apparently stillborn online racing, but there's more than enough here to justify the asking price, and exploring it all is a consistently pleasurable experience, which should have considerable appeal for Gran Turismo 5 - prologue ardent supporters and satisfy the curiosity of the rapidly-growing PS3 installed base at the same time.

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FlatOut: Head On

 FlatOut: Head On

To expect from the FlatOut: Head On the progress is as pointless as to call rain in the desert. The developers didn’t complicate their life with a search for new ideas, and built a "new" project entirely on the basis of the second part of the game. They pained gently the number "two" in the title, replaced the music disc in player, added new cars and lowered the level of game graphics as well. As if we - the players - did not notice deception and starting with nostalgic tears, racing on the familiar tracks learned by heart. But crashing iron sides of opponents is still fun.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 2
It’s all because of mad physics, which allows disassemble cars and leave track in rubbish car parts. Drivers fly through the windscreen easily, cars smash for spare parts. In general, continuous lawlessness still happens. Gestations take off into the air, scaffoldings falling down slowly, tires turn somersaults before the eyes, and day sun shines peacefully. Cars kiss passionately with hoods, going off road, as on asphalt, and do not even feel the effects. The player is not distracted by accurate turning when behind our car are motors of unpredictable maniac crowd.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 4
Seven opponents have not only lovely profile portraits and prehistory in the two proposals, but also extremely aggressive characteristics. AI here is rare and cowardly rascal. Opponents disturb each other with kicks; give its leadership for trying pull over player’s car. Fortunately, "health" of cars is enough to a whole tank battalion, so you can play tricks.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 5
Combats with rebelliousness AI occur in two basic game modes. Carnage Mode for its completion will require some amount of points, when a classic campaign requires some quantity of medals. There is no more difference between them, because the main entertainments are similar. Several tracks propose to win the peak of Olympus flooded with engine oil. Circus exercises will force the driver fly through rings of fire or to be a soccer balls.Tiny arenas will allow arrange Destruction Derby in miniature. Well, and a several tracks designed specifically for professional speed riders.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 6
There are three class vehicles for player needs. Off-road cars are large and look like retired transformers, and growl as the wounded internal combustion engine. For them there are grubby country paths and town houses to be demolished. A racing class is for cooler guys. Cars, painted with sponsorship logos conquering not only villages but abandoned megacities as well. Street-race cars are real crown of road evolution, fast, expensive and compliance for the damages. For their services there are stadiums with piles of construction debris. So the appearance of new tracks is perhaps, the most serious difference between the four fighter classes. Cars behavior is not too different: increased speed, and altered weight.

The destruction of virtual champs not bring you joy? Access WI-Fi, taking three friends with you and to arrange a local Battle. Fans of stunts may have one PSP to eight people in general. More is not required: fulfilled crazy stunt and handed console a friend.

 FlatOut: Head On screenshot 7
Plastic surgeons worked not bad over appearance of the FlatOut: Head On. Textures blurred, effects curtailed - many simplifications, but the worst thing is the framerate, which in the second, makes the game looks like slide show. But this delays enough to the player to lost control.

The second difference is music. There is no excess or boring melodies, each one of them - aggressive, fast, clearly sets the mood of the race. But you learn by heart all accessible texts easily just to the final of first league. Tiny set of compositions hardly enough to hundreds of tracks.

FlatOut: Head On honestly copies of his older brother in all: the same tracks, the same game modes, and the same crazy drive. Even physical engine - the most valuable piece - moving to PSP left the same. Mountains of scrap metal and barrels of adrenaline guaranteed if not strain the product of "second freshness".

• Entertainment physics which makes the race are absolutely crazy fun
• Cruel, unpredictable opponents
• A variety of game modes
• Extensive geography of the races: from country side to cities and special racing tracks
• Relevant soundtrack
• Qualitative multiplayer

• Nearly complete copy of the second FlatOut
• Modest number of music tracks
• Frequent repetition of tracks

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Need For Speed: Pro Street - Smoke In the Eye

Need For Speed: Pro StreetIn the Need for Speed: Pro Street there are no huge, neon shining cities. There is no crazy police, appearing so ably at the peak time of arrival. There is no variety of areas; each of them has its own memorable architecture and design. There is no trail of the past tricky routes, with dozens of "secret" passages, which could save some seconds. Instead of all this, the players have proposed formal competitions at the boring stadiums.

Traditionally, we play as a faceless hero with name Ryan Cooper. Just as before, he began his career with the bottom, hoping to become an absolute champion of professional street-racing and get the throne of the current king - Rio Watanabe. Towards achieving the dream our hero need to win dozens of tours, divided into several different kinds of competitions, and win the next stubborn Rio’s friends, each of whom is the "King" in its discipline.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
Now, we have madly looking career map, on which there are a lot of graffiti sketches, symbolizing the stages of the competition. The central "backbone" of this map is a number of key events, completing which we open access to side branches of tracks. Crowned the map a crown, each of which prong represents separate competition with one of the vice of Rio.

Regarding the side branches of tracks, it is also not so simple. Each station of the map represents one day of racing, which contains several different types of races, and we need to win in most of the competitions. In this case, players are awarded with money and give the right to choose a prize marker. However, you can try to get a certain number of points, to become a "dominant" racer and get a bit more cash and the right to choose the second marker.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
In order to refresh the process of racing somewhat, we get competitions from time to time, in which all racers have at the very same cars, where wins not an amount invested in the car money but skill. Such races have no particular difficulty as special interest as well. The only plus of that kind of entertainment is the a car.

Despite the variety of types of competitions, are indeed different from one another are only four: Drag, Drift, Grip and Speed Challenge. Moreover - every type of competition requires an appropriately configured car in our garage. If you want you can configure almost any car from one type of race to another, but some cars obviously not intended to participate in Drag or Drift. Thus, it is the best to have in the garage on the car for each type of races, and from time to time to change them with more powerful models.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
Existing kind of races in the Need for Speed: Pro Street, are modifications of old, familiar types of competitions. Grip - this is a normal race. Speed Challenge forces going through a control points with a maximum speed. In Drag now added a mini-game called "rubber burning". Before starting the race we should make a smoke with tires, so that the car has gained a better grip the road. To get the necessary "degrees" learn very quickly. And it was here where we can admire of smoke effects, which developers are so genuinely proud of.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
Regarding Drift, changes affected mainly the car traffic physics. And all would be nothing but tracks are very short - only one left from the track leads to lose all advantages and restart. Besides, points are charged only for the speed and duration of sliding.

There are a lot of changes in garage as well. For the first time in the series concept of "aerodynamics" separates in its own direction. Now a shape has a direct impact on the behavior of the car on track. Changing the various parts of the body, now you can increase / decrease the maximum speed of the car. Another matter that the reality is the indirect attitude - often the changes are outside the logic.

To configure the car more subtly developers suggested already familiar "tuning-shop", in which you can manually adjust the dozens of parameters. And, of course, as before, each of the 55 available cars can be painted into all the rainbow colors, apply hundreds of vinyl, and sponsorship logos.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
The most significant innovation in the game is the availability of computer assistants and the introduction of reliable model of damage. Instead of choosing the level of difficulty we can stay on one of the options of artificial intelligence. The easiest level of using silicon "navigator" for the full the car starts braking before most steep turns, minimizes the possibility of a collision. On average difficulty interference of computer are not so obvious. And at a maximum difficulty assistants disabled. The car really starts to behave in a different, far more realistic way. After Underground and Carbon it’s so unusual to see true physics in NFS.

With regard to cars damage model, it leaves a dual impression. On the one hand - an opportunity to honestly smash our car: all these crashed rear-view mirrors and bumpers look very natural. On the other hand the system is not balanced. Easy to scratch the opponent at the track at a speed of 50 km/h, cost for the repair the same amount as a serious collision with the border "in the forehead". The amount of repair often exceeds the prize for the first place, it looks as mocking isn’t it? For the first time in the past few years, we try to keep the car accurately, using brake before you faster opponent. And unique NFS drive with reckless speed fades away.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
But all that stuff. Most importantly, do not have enough game - this spirit of competition and diversity. After the first 50-60 runs becomes frankly boring. At the level of complexity lightweight opponents did not represent any threat. All reduced to the formula "prokachay wheelbarrows and victories". At a more complex - not so much have to compete with other participants, but with itself. As a result, the only factor heated interest in the game becomes… passage of similar routes for unblocking the new machines or spare parts.

Sounds in the Need for Speed: Pro Street does not offer anything new. The engine roar, and brake chatter, and sounds of collision sound as in last part with minor modifications. Despite extensive list of artists, there is a lack of truly interesting melodies, although the role of background music soundtrack performs confidently. But what is really annoying is boring voice of commentator, who dictates the same phrases time after time. Disable him you want in half an hour.

But graphically game flourished… Car models have become more detailed, paints more naturally, textures better. Depending on the time of day and weather game engine shows a very different picture with natural, living shadows. It is a pity that there is no place to apply this beauty: dozens of similar stadiums do not give the game graphic to show us all its beauty.

There are a lot of changes in the Need for Speed: Pro Street, but a small variety of game modes, boring arenas and the emphasis on realism deleted the main game feature - the crazy drive of Need for Speed. Playing the game we have to cope with boredom mostly than with opponents.

• Beautiful graphics
• Wide range of car models
• Ability detailed settings car
• Interesting multiplayer

• Sameliness of tracks and game modes
• Quite passive opponents
• Madly looking career map
• Damage system is not balanced
• Boring commentator
• Ordinary music tracks

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Tuesday, 13 May 2008



Another car game to play we have a look at will be the DiRT. DiRT it is a mood game, blinding with first-class graphics and magnificent natural landscapes. It is beautiful, and this is its main advantage. It breathes with freshness of green forests, dry dust of desert, warm summer rain and cold English fog. The sun played on a smooth bonnet of our car, past rushing across rocks, trees, houses, and comes a strange feeling of permissiveness. There are stay no car, no risk no rules, just desire to get maximum from the engine, and driving on the mad speed on unreliable forest cutting, having risk to smash into first tree so far, adrenaline soaked each our cell.

Surprisingly, as the series has changed. Mate Colin McRae has taken over the race ideas from crazy Burnout, some good ideas from MotoStorm and absorbed the essence of them, but maintaining its own soul. We have all the same familiar rally race, only even more arcade, fast, dynamic and entertainment. It has excellent graphics, excellent models of cars, time races and complicated tracks, which twists on the complex terrain. Boulders and trees are happy to take unwary riders in their tight embrace. Do not coped with driving, and a moment later, the car gets serious bodily damages. Fly off the wheels, doors, hood, and glass cracks. You might go on race or you mightn’t. Mistakes are forgiven only on a minimum difficult level where even fatal crashes are not too serious. In other cases, careless driving may compel replay track because of damages received direct affect not only to appearance of our car, but on the behavior of it on the track as well.

DiRT screenshot 2
There are a lot of vehicle in DiRT we have to ride in. Sports cars, jeeps, and trucks, buggy - a total of 46 titles offer their services to us for the trip to the most beautiful tracks in Europe, America and Asia. A variety of natural landscapes is enormous, and each of them creates a special mood thanks to smart visual effects and great working with lighting.

DiRT screenshot 3
Colin McRae series has never been a simulator, but not down in absolute arcade game as well. However, modern time impose its own rules of games: want to sell - make it easy. That's a typical 3-button race, fast and dynamic. Gas still need to be released sometimes, but using brake event is not often. Cars brake almost instantly and speed for a second. With all this managing of cars is varying dramatically. This is particularly noticeable among the classes: when we race the same track at different car, we'll need to accustom ourselves to the new rules, in a new way to enter the turns, take into account the changed situation of inertia and center of mass. For example, where sport cars make cool dashing, truck with a trailer will make hippopotamus slow turn so as not to roll over.

DiRT screenshot 4
Playing rally race mode we don’t have rivals. There's only road; convoluted, difficult road that must be passed as quickly as possible. Who has shown better results is the winner. The main enemy here is a turn. Over time, you begin to distinguish between them, divided them into "coward", "difficult", " sly", "boring", etc. Each generates its own classification. Because of balanced difficulty regimes each player could find rivals for themselves level. Than easier difficulty of the game more wickless the car becomes and so silly becomes rivals. With professionals difficulty we have to tolerate the failure of the vehicle after a pair of accidents.

DiRT screenshot 5
Career Mode in DiRT has more than hundreds of tracks, which are divided into six types. Because of the huge number of tracks, cars and diversity of existing regimes, the career mode is still always fresh and do not forget to give more new landscapes, weather effects, new conditions of the competitions and, of course, provides with new car models. Over the prizes riders get currency, for which they can buy better cars, plus new colors for them as well. The higher level of difficulty, the more money offer as a prize.

DiRT screenshot 6
In addition to career mode, DiRT offers to take part in the championship, or in a separate mode Rally World where we can drive on our favorite tracks as many times as we like. The project offers a huge content for a single game mode, which is diverse, interesting and fascinating, where classic rally next to the jolly races on off-road tracks. Let me say, there are two different games in one package.

Unlike single game multiplayer game looks a little bit undeveloped and empty. There is only normal race game, with the possibility of sending our records online. Why the developers do not leave group buggy tours on off-road tracks!? It is a pity.

DiRT brings only a title from the Colin McRae series. Fans may be disappointed a little bit, but others will have at its disposal excellent arcade race, which is playing simply and with great fun, gives excellent visual effects and variety of tracks, cars, regimes, natural landscapes. Only the steering wheel is not useful here. Just take your gamepad in the hands and let’s go, racing on the best tracks I’ve ever seen, breaking you car, and swallowing dust of prairies. It is only a pity that the multiplayer mode is not as good as the single game.

• Magnificent, high-tech graphics
• A great number of highly detailed tracks
• Large variety of cars from different classes
• Long, and interesting career mode
• Exciting off-road races with rivals
• Excellent cars damage model

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Monday, 12 May 2008

Logitech Driving Force GT - Perfect Wheel for Fans of Grand Turismo

Logitech Driving Force GT

The Logitech Company introduced at Game Developer's Conference 2008 (GDC) attractive game steering wheel Logitech Driving Force GT for the PlayStation 3 game console. The main plus of this project is its compatibility with a series of official Gran Turismo (including the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue). If go on and on the virtual tracks of one of the most beautiful racing game in the world, then do so in comfort. What is the new model?

Logitech Driving Force GT - a gray compact 11 inch steering wheel with the vibration and rim from a molded rubber, 24 adjustment drive position to manage the shift brakes, shock absorbers and clutch settings. Through this technology, the model makes it possible to simulate insufficient or excess management of car and loss of adhesion. In the set you also get full gas and brake pedals. At the wheel is set a handle transmission.

Logitech Driving Force GT appeared in the U.S. and Europe just in early May of this year.

Product Features:
- 24-position realtime adjustment dial: Fine-tune brake bias, TCS, and damper settings on the fly for unprecedented control over your car's performance.
- 900-degree wheel rotation: Go 2.5 times around lock to lock, just as you would behind the wheel of many real cars.
- Force feedback technology: Feel every inch of the road for maximum control and the ultimate racing experience.
- Gas and brake pedals: Get precise throttle and brake response with true-to-life pedals.
- Sequential stick shift: Go through the gears for the ultimate in control.

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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Wipeout Pulse

Wipeout Pulse

A racing game Wipeout appeared firstly in the distant 1995 at PlayStation One. Instead of normal cars, we gave the cars rolling by air, gave supersonic speed, and the opponent was shot easily from the spread on the track weapons than overtake them. Since then passed 13 years. Developers hone successful concept, get rid of unnecessary and with apprehension, on a pinch, introduced new elements. Wipeout remained the same, and perhaps no force in the world be able to change it…

Our new guest called Wipeout Pulse (previous game on the PlayStation Portable called Wipeout Pure - look, do not mix) has all the traits of good additions: improved graphics, an updated soundtrack, a pair of new weapons and a pile of championships with absolutely insane tracks. Each of them is has steep rotations and plumb-line running under the road. Because of the tremendous speed its easy to lose orientation, does not know where the top and bottom, the world turns into mix of bright colors. All tours are held under electronic music like House and Trance. It perfectly fits into the style of game, but if you have different preferences, you can load playlist from your own compositions.

Wipeout Pulse screenshot 2
The campaign now allows you to choose the sequence of tests. In total there are 16 career stages, called Grid, each of which there about a dozen of entertainment. If you are dialing a certain number of points – you moved to the next level. In principle, there is nothing new here, most of the regimes are here from the Pure, and "novelties" (Eliminator, Zone Mode), we are obliged to previous games series. Earning medals, we will gradually open the new cars, tracks and regimes. There are many of them and the passing of a career can subtract by about 12 not hours.

Before the race begins there is a possibility to choose the difficulty level of AI, but AI opponent, in any case, can not compete player. Strangely enough, this game is not spoils. All because the principal rival in racing is speed.

Wipeout Pulse screenshot 3
There is a speed limit there. For example, at first - a maximum of 500 km / hr, on the second - 650 km / hr, etc. At the last all objects smeared, and nothing can be seen at all. And level and competitors disappear as well, leaving only colors on the screen and one desire to survive. Especially funny it looks in the mode “Eliminator”, in which you should not come first, but destroy all rivals. Make it at the last speed limit is almost impossible. Because of this complexity at the recent levels are almost at the limit of human capabilities.

Wipeout Pulse screenshot 4
In Zone Mode entire trail is divided into zones, and passing each, the maximum speed instantly increases. In such cases, you can forget about the brake and analog, is now able to enjoy life just flaps, which are located Button R and L. They help to stall and into the turns.

Wipeout Pulse screenshot 7
The most important acquisition of the Wipeout Pulse became the online multiplayer. You can now freely organize competitions, take part in the championships, to send your records to colleagues that they tried to beat your records. To give identity to your car, you enabled to paint it in your own color. In addition, through online you can download additional tracks and "skins" for the cars. Some - for free.

Wipeout Pulse is good, so we only saw it many times already. But if you do not know what Wipeout is… What!? Do not have this wonderful game?

• Crazy tracks and crazy speed
• A large number of championships
• A online multiplayer
• Great Graphic
• Excellent music

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV - The Whole City Will Be Ours!

Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV - The Whole City Will Be

Very first GTA was not just a game – it was a symbol, icon, leader and a beacon for online rebels and hooligans. The Carmageddon series has lost, the rebelliousness studios closed, and senators in the attacks righteous indignation throw with censorship to the bold projects - but GTA was ahead. Exit of third part of the Game turned funny colourful bucks into quite voluminous pedestrians, auto models bloom and filled whit polygons, and town became the City. After a triumphant GTA: San Andreas, with its magnitude, virtually inexhaustible opportunities and secrets it was hardly to repeat the success. But not for nothing Rockstar employees eat hamburgers with black caviar. They find some way out.

Country of great dreams, a country of opportunity. Country of potential victims, serenity sleeping in their beds, has not heeded the sound of broken glass and Russian obscenities, distributed by the car park. From the list of the main priorities - luxury cars, medical insurance, a prestigious job - the hero of our criminal story attracts only the first thing. Niko Bellik: 30 years, the long ago he left their homeland, long wander the seas in search of happiness, not found, but there it is - a letter from brother Roman.

- Niko, and what do you know about gangsters?
- Nothing, dear, I’ve never met the one.

Brother, in his letter, commented on many luxury of American life, a huge Jacuzzi on the roof and a flock of beautiful women who yearn for privacy with our modest romantic hero. The reality turned out cruel to Niko, brought in a hurry across the ocean to rendezvous with the existence of Eden. But in reality our hero got stinky flat at Brighton Beach (in the game Hove Beach), a huge list of debts, some minor ex-friends at the tail, girlfriend with a dark past and nervous work in the taxi depot.

Grand Theft Auto IV
The first thing that confused with familiarity with Niko it is something unfriendly in his face. With such a face he can grab passers in daylight and under the nose from the cops, without weapons, just to show the fist.

The farther climb into story, so nice to us becomes Niko Bellik. He has no conscience at all. Murder for him is the same natural action as public pick teeth. And his apologies "Sorry!" or "No hard feelings" sound with the clear sarcastic tinge. At the same time, he had strict, but rather a flexible code of honor. He honored the family, male friendship and always will come to help people; especially, if the price suits. What, however, did not prevent him, to assassinate former employers or employers in favor of new ones.

- How about some hot coffee tonight? - Niko, coming home with a girl.

Niko, of course, cool, but without friends and employers its remains only a sad organization of mayhem in the streets. Despite the bad habit to die at the wrong time, many of the heroes of the game will remain in our memory as samples of excellent characters.

Several comrades from the terrible Russian Mafia are, as set, brutal, bloodthirsty, stupid and lacking a sense of style. The fate of there is sad and tragic, but it is quickly forgotten. Recall that Comrade Bellik himself is not a Russian. He is from an abstract Eastern European country. In company with a relative he is rid of a lot of people, and not all are shipped in from the other side of a villain. Frankly, if Niko looks like veteran capable of "steal, kill and sell people into slavery", the fat, and irresolute Roman with his eternal complaints is not looks like clerk even.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Black brothers, following testaments of CJ from San Andreas, represented in the game as a large colors crowd. One of the first encountered, Jamaican Kid Jacob, despite the continuous stay in to stupefy and disorientation in space-time, is not just save the "white ass" of trouble and pull him in new ones. From the rest African-American crowd remembered well Manny. In pursuit of noble, but not too clear goal "cleanse the streets", this exhibitionist, rather than take a broom and a pistol, employs a cold-blooded guys, like our ward, and himself shows his ass in front of the camera.

There are many Heroes, very many. They appear on stage, cookie us jobs, with fun and jokes but do not leave us indifferent. Therefore, someone becomes our friend, and the rest falling on on the stage with bullet in the forehead. And, often the game allows making a choice. Kill one or the other. Run order, or release the victim and then obtain a small plot branch, if not the other end.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Our social life is not limited to call girlfriend with a walk proposal walk. We can date in skittle-alley, billiards, darts, or simply hold a pleasant evening in a cabaret, looking at chronic losers, or listening to local comedians. We may come in many times but every new time we can find something new and interesting there. This is particularly GTA 4, it pays a great attention to details in order to players have always received new experience.

There are a quite a lot of Girlfriends you can date on dating site that works without falling, or in night places when one vice smile allows you to date with some night butterflys.

- I **** you because you *** to ***, even better than last *** *** knows how!
- Yes on ****, *** me, I like you even when *** *** *** ***!
It is Traditional dialogue in the game.

But you can entertain in a purely male company. Friends gladly accept an invitation to visit strip bars and digging there for a full coil. For the little amount of $ 250 we can visit heaven, flying through the clouds and going back… virtually to the ground. "So it is American dream!" - Niko says, looking at two girls, doing crazy things on his knees that we can not see in some German movies. Or, you can stupidly drunk Vodka as well.

Grand Theft Auto IV
This point is deserved special mention. If some of our readers have not yet experienced test this miracle drink, then GTA will give you some visual aids. Stumbling, shooting down everything on the go, periodically falling on the floor, our heroes are struggle to fresh air. The world floats, controls goes crazy, as the message on the screen to press questions about the need drive Comrade home. Incidentally, GTA is given you opportunity to make friends with many personalities, the greatest thing is to listen to them talking in their normal manifestations on the way to their seats, and that they are being speaking under alcohol action.

A mobile phone becomes our most close friend, guiding star and the principal means of communication with customers. At any time you can call your friends, chat about life, to invite at TBS, asking about the work or to rest from storylines missions. In addition, the mobile phone has become an accurate starting to create some interesting missions when it is necessary to find a client in a crowd of passers. Call him and look which of them raised the tube. Then come, and if it’s reluctant to spend bullets to shoot down him just use you legs, a pair of blows to the kidneys, pick up cargo and bear for a meeting with the customer under the cries to frighten passersby and police sirens.

Copies have become smarter, and shrink from their persecution - complicated.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Death is punished, as usual; we lost time and a certain amount of cash. Arrest - additionally take out all expensive weapons. After a hot pursuit you want only park crashed car near home, climb on your stage and to fall on the bed - to survive, to make up for health, wipe the blood from the costume, or watch TV.

TV - this is the same radio, only with pictures. The list of programs is a compilation of parodies of modern shows. News channel Weazel always near when someone dies in pain, asked for help, satisfied lawlessness. Program I'm Rich $ is where, in details, talk about who and how earned their millions. The most interesting thing is there is no legal way. Finally, series about space paratroopers full of dirty jokes and genocide.

There is an advanced vehicles damage model. Of course, realism to it far, but the beauty and reliability of GTA 4 closely approached to the king of auto-apocalypse - Burnout. Dents stay on cars exactly on the spot of impact. In fact, their depth depends exclusively on the force of collision. Easy to brush other car will be a scratch. Throughout the speed - and hood transform, glass dispersion in crumbs, the door stopped closed, and then fall off. Tires are exposed to fire and even blurred. Revolving on the ground with the hand brake, the rear wheels discs will soon cross the asphalt. Shot down a pedestrian and its left wing and the bloody spot along with a small crater.

Grand Theft Auto IV
In one appearance, the car can be predicted in advance of its behavior. Sports quickly recruited speed, excellent listen to management, but light and if you collide with something our hero flying through the windscreen at a meeting with destiny. Powerful jeeps are the Kings of Road. The executive class of cars is ideal for the going around the city. They have excellent management, gently turns, and, not least, have the intellectual GPS system.

GPS is rapidly becoming our second favorite after another cellular phone. Pointing to a map a destination point and the computer quickly draw the best route. The expensive machines have smarter GPS, a special message warns about the future turn. Is it not pleased when gentle female voice reminds the driver: "After a mile will be left turn".

If there is no desire to drive car himself, you can use the subway - the station is in all major areas. Also you catch a taxi and then take a seat in the back seat, choose a destination and, rocking back on the back seat, having a look at houses and pedestrians.

- How do you think you can kill your subordinates?
- Of course, if a subordinate is ass.

GTA has become more serious, and the City has become almost alive. People finally active reasonable: arguing with each other, swearing at the police, drink coffee, chat with friends on the mobile phone, read newspapers. Driving the street you can notice as the guy in the jeep discussing steep price from a night butterfly, a little further police issues fine violators, drivers in traffic jams too lazy to quarrel with, undercut someone - in the back fly insult necessarily. At night the streets have become empty, in a dark lane someone has been beaten by feet, the homeless swearing near garbage tanks with horse voice. But most importantly thing its no sense of scenery, because this world and its inhabitants notice Niko and react differently to its actions. Remove from a car taxi driver and his passenger at that time reached a pistol and Nuzzle in our face. Someone flees call police. Those who dared get themselves in a fight. And they may send our hero to the hospital bed, by the way. That is the man with glass with coffee, pushed his shoulder, drink falls to the ground - and it is well if you just get "Faking idiot". And a number of people facing it not fail to comment on the incident, disturbing from their conversation.

Powerful storyline has maintained an interest, as far as passing new opportunities for recreation, and every new mission carry off the situation, make us play all night long.

You may just simply forget at all, choosing Sleep mode in the mobile phone, and just walk on Liberty City.

- Hey, there you…
- Talkative fucker.
- Yes, exactly...

GTA 4 is one of the most beautiful games on modern consoles. The huge modern metropolis has periodic change of weather, (just have a look at rainstorms at night and the lights of street lamps), fabulous sunsets and dawn. Switch on your favorite radio station in the red convertible on a slow drive along the seafront, enjoying music, crying of bystanders and police sirens - there is something romantic, isn’t it? Admire the reflections traffic lights in the asphalt, spread blood on the sidewalk, cloud of steam from the sewer manholes in the pre-fog. People are closed to the artistic culture will find themselves here.

Grand Theft Auto IV
The great feeling it is when Niko awake in the morning, stand up with alarm, watch the program on TV, descends the stairs and went out to a lively street. Taking car and driving in billiard club where, immediately, without any prelude, to drive a couple of balls in the hole. Then we are walking to the berth, having hamburger from street vendors, and admiring the sea.

Versions of the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 are slightly different from each other. On the Xbox 360 the GTA has a higher resolution and AA 2x, because of what image at sites is not so striking. At the PS3 is not such a clear picture, but the natural lighting, colors are brighter, shade are softer. Visually its looks better. Plus, because of some data is installed on the hard disk, loading the surrounding world is almost no noticeable, that are particularly spoil the lives of the owners of Xbox 360 Arcade.

Grand Theft Auto IV
In both versions, with dynamic scenes, when facing a pile of cars, dozens of people are running around, the frame rate are worsen. Community forums are talking about deleted saves, game lockups, sudden vanishing of interface elements, invisible passersby, the emergence of duplicates of Niko. The Rockstar promises issue an update to soon correcting these mistakes, but we still give a few tips:
1. If you have a game hangs on the PS3 – disconnect your PlayStation Network.
2. In the case of strange brakes, disable "PS2 Smoothing" in configured PS3 option.
3. If you do not want to loose you save games on Xbox 360, do not disconnect the console from the mains.
4. Without the hard drive on Xbox 360 is better not even start playing because of the constant loading.

Of course, there are some drawbacks in Grand Theft Auto IV. But in a project of this size they should be. It's like a cool criminal series, in which you can find homeliness episode. Just spit it, because other episode make you thrill and you can spend the whole afraid, afraid simply shut down the console: What if Niko just suddenly disappear there in such a vast and living world without us.

This world is indeed alive, not by itself, but together with us. He responds to us, and constantly reminds its presence with scenes of immediate natural reaction of residents. Graphics is great, physics is almost perfect, and storyline easily get 40-80 hours of your free time. And, then you can just live in this wonderful city, to gather secrets from, the chasing police, to perform various tasks, relax in cabarets, watch TV and metal darts in darts. Virtual reality is already very close. Rather than to withdraw from home and entertain somewhere, we load Grand Theft Auto IV and with the company of Niko Bellik send himself to new adventures. The Rockstar managed to add to the game so much diversity of content, that even after month playing we can find something new.

And the most pleasant thing, that all features described above are only half of pleasure, which hides in a box with a game. The developers have in fact created mega multiplayer mode. You are waiting for road lawlessness, cheerful aggression and 12 diverse unique multiplayer modes. Read more about this soon in our next review.

• A living city
• Interesting, long storyline with excellent set rollers
• A lot of interesting characters
• The magnificent actors work
• A lot ways to spend leisure time
• Care of the police has become complicated, but interesting
• Nonlinear storyline campaign
• The great physical model
• Excellent graphics
• Beautiful weather effects
• A great attention to detail
• Smooth, natural animation
• Radio stations for all tastes

Monday, 5 May 2008

The Mario Cart, Wii! Ready! Steady! GO!

The Mario Cart Wii

The Mario Cart, Wii – it is a new title in Mario galaxy.

Brand Mario - is not only a list of a dozen different arcades, but also fights, and race, and RPGs, and sports simulators, and a pack of different mini-games. Alone and with friends, baleen Plumber brings droplets of joy and happiness to every house time after time. Thank you, comrade Mario, for our happy childhood!

Ready! Steady! GO! And dozen adults around the world forget about the difficulties of life and global issues. The race is full of childish excitement and comical jokes of opponents, speeding passing turns and unpredictable behavior of competitors in the Mario Cart, Wii.

The Mario Cart Wii
At the start in the Mario Cart, Wii there are cars and bikes from 25 riders (including Mii-avatar). This characters from the Mario gang, Vario, and Donki Kong are familiar to every player from many excellent games from the Nintendo. Drivers differ by only one characteristic, significantly affecting the gameplay - Weight category, but this is probably depends on the choice of car or motorcycle because each of them has 6 vehicles. Light cars clocked faster and go into breakaway, when heavy cars stable feel at the route, and ram absented opponent.

The Mario Cart Wii
Tokyo Drift? Mega Afterburner? Urban slalom of Mr. Bond? Forget about these stamps and production tricks. Better take a look at what doing little dinosaur Yoshi, bypassing opponents on the gigantic ice, feel the triumph of evil with Vario, maimed favorite for the second of his finish, and applauds every deftly stunts - such is not the case in a movie, although happens in sport. So painful unpredictable, fun and situational demand every maneuver in the Mario Cart, Wii.

Drivers launch snail shell systems "earth-to-earth" and "air-to-earth", cause earthquakes and lightning, spreading banana skin, and traps in the form of bonuses, reduce the size of opponents, and themselves become giants through the magic fly-agarics. All this villainy allows change the course of the race radically in favor of any party, although virtual opponents in the Mario Cart, Wii are not ashamed to use the entire arsenal is strictly against the player.

The Mario Cart Wii
Flew into the gulf, giving way only a few meters before the finish or become a victim of violence fairytale characters? Repay the same coin. And do not forget to use special futures for a short time down a bit to reduce the backlog or to escape forward, there are a lot of options for increasing the speed. Playing in the Mario Cart, Wii you can wisely use features tracks - accelerate springboard enough at each site. You can simply take mushrooms, launch artillery shells or go to the star treatment and fly at supersonic speed half a way.

The game comes with a special device in the form of the steering wheel - Wii Wheel. With the help of this device control, of course, becomes more authentic and radically simplified, unlike of the classic Game Cube controller, that also supported by the game.

The Mario Cart Wii
To win in each of the three racing classes, player must go through 32 tracks at 8 championships. Carting and bikes compete both individually and together. Motorcycles little bit faster and harder in the management, and mixed leagues are distinguishing with foxlike behavior of opponents. The second part of a single game of the Mario Cart, Wii is the race for the ghost, where you should beat the record of game developers without any additional bonuses. The personal dislike between players and characters found out itself in the duel and general mayhem. And if the first one still retains features of the regular race, the second more like a demolition drunken clowns, seeking to pin opponents for balloons or gold coins.

The Mario Cart Wii
The unique architecture of tracks in the Mario Cart, Wii surprising with unusual jumps with unexpected flight through all locations, and pedestrians walk by pests, and the familiar decorations. The race is changing color and themes constantly. We only just carried on the usual route, when after a turn the road becomes ice bobsled Gap, competition in freestyle-jumping to a dozen hills, dangerous super slalom near the cliff, cross-country safari or a great descent on roller-coaster.

But the proud feelings of loneliness, nothing compared with pleasure that awaiting players in the online game with the Mario Cart, Wii. This is a real paradise for riders around the clock with a tour around the world. Championship statistics monitors special Wii-channel, telling the user any information on ongoing competitions and their parties. Not surprisingly, the first week was hard to servers for Nintendo - amount of players has proved several times more than planned.

Pleasure in pure form. Funny unpredictable drivers to bring tremendous speed on the track and child delight, excitement and laughter. The cardinal changes, except for a new class of vehicles and access to online, in the series did not happen, but there is nothing really to change.

• Desire to play for long time
• Online game to 12 players
• Excellent dynamic competition
• A new class of vehicles - Motorcycles
• Various options of races
• Wii Wheel goes with the Mario Cart, Wii.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

The MotorStorm - all in Heat, Mud, Dust and Sweat!

The MotorStorm

At the presentation of new PlayStation 3 console at the E3 exhibition in 2006 (It was so long ago! ..), Sony showed several videos, some of which subsequently caused a strong reaction from the public. And if the movie prototype of the Resistance, which then called I8, not aroused special interest, the movie of the MotorStorm remember almost everybody.

The level of graphics in the video was prohibitive: the complex effects of particles, complex physics, advanced deformed objects and surfaces - the players quickly came to the conclusion that he showed not the game at all, but rendered "prototype". After start of sales of the PlayStation 3 everybody could compare the scandalous famous video with the real game graphic.

And what have we seen? The level of graphics in the game was such that MotorStorm, perhaps, to this day remains the most beautiful arcade in "road races". Thanks to remarkable work of artists, designers, with the use of correct video effects in the right places, looks excellent graphics and exclusion does not matter.

The MotorStorm screenshot 2
Most vividly game features are: advanced machines deformation and destruction of the route; traces left wheels of large trucks in the mud lowlands and ravines; tremendous beautiful lighting shocks you first, and then - becoming the norm, after which the remaining race games indeed look like games the past generation.

Let's talk about the game itself.
Structure of the MotorStorm simple as the internal combustion engine: game consists of several stages, and each of which divides on several segments consisting of a number of tracks (from 1 to 4, each track usually contains 3 "circle"). Winning the arrival adds to himself a total number of points. The higher total score, the greater the number of segments will be available for you. Some segments, however, offered only in special conditions - for example, finished no lower than second place in all races the first phase.

The MotorStorm screenshot 3
Events of the game whirling around the fictional "festival" the MotorStorm, held in Monument Valley on the border of American states of Utah and Arizona. Despite the apparent predisposition to open word idea (such as in Burnout Paradise), developers studio picked the more traditional approach and broke the game world at large eight parts.

Evolution Studios gave the game a unique feature: fundamentally different classes of vehicles.
Such as: the standard rally cars, trucks, ordinary and four wheels motorcycles, racing SUV, buggy and so-called mudpluggers - SUV, designed to overcome the most brutal off-road.

The MotorStorm screenshot 4
Different classes have their advantages. For example, trucks are best to mud lowlands, while the lightweight motorcycle in lowland be entrapped and vice versa - will win, galloping by on the surrounding low-lying hills.
Heavy truck - a mountain of metal, mixed dirt successfully and without any consequences to overcome barriers as well as wooden barriers. Managing them feel like Mad Max on the Road Rage, and jumping motorcycles around you look like little grasshoppers.

The MotorStorm screenshot 5
The motorcycle on the same route is enjoying of speed and sky. Half-time arrival motorcycle driver spends in the air. Hoping and jumping in all suitable and unsuitable way. While the heavy trucks are somewhere at the bottom with dirt snarl struggle in a straight line, motorcyclists manages jump all track with zigzag trajectory and, if lucky they not crashed and did not break their unhealthy head on a regular wooden barriers, being the first at the finish.

One track gives fundamentally different impressions.
Variety deformation features and destruction of tracks: occasionally scattered remains of a truck on the road a wooden fence or rally cars will result of an emergency bypass maneuver suddenly emerged on the third circle obstacles.

The MotorStorm screenshot 7
The secret of victory is in the correct combination of work «booster» and hand brakes, which allows for maximum speed, «drifting» take turns and accelerates instantly at the outlet of them. If you entered the drift incorrectly you are departed from the track and crashed, losing a few precious seconds; passing "booster" - exploded, again behind the leader. Algorithm of victory is the same for all classes of vehicles, differ only the best routes. After just several races the MotorStorm becomes native, understandable, but a rich, diverse and unspeakably prolonged because of a game features. Track, one more, and one more ... Sunrise : )

The MotorStorm screenshot 8
The Evolution also produced the paid add-ons to the game: the new regimes tours, new machines and even new tracks. The price of these add-ons varies from 1 to 6 dollars, and with their view of the number of trails in MotorStorm has increased from 8 to 12, appeared in the recruitment regimes Time Trial and Eliminator, now you can even ride on tracks at the time machine from the movie "Back to the Future ".

Amazing combination of simplicity and the ease with diversity and depth. Bright sunny graphics and sound, cool physics. So far, more than a year since the shipping, MotorStorm remains the best implementation of off road - racings on all platforms.

Naturally, such success of the game led to last September, Sony has bought the Evolution studio, and March 12 this year announced the development sequel, which should appear on sale in autumn.

• Seven classes of machines and a variety of options for passing the track
• Combination of affordability and simplicity with depth and diversity
• Correct and deliberate physics, including machines deformation in the fall and crashes
• Good atmosphere "car party"

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