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Grand Theft Auto IV - The Whole City Will Be Ours!

Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV - The Whole City Will Be

Very first GTA was not just a game – it was a symbol, icon, leader and a beacon for online rebels and hooligans. The Carmageddon series has lost, the rebelliousness studios closed, and senators in the attacks righteous indignation throw with censorship to the bold projects - but GTA was ahead. Exit of third part of the Game turned funny colourful bucks into quite voluminous pedestrians, auto models bloom and filled whit polygons, and town became the City. After a triumphant GTA: San Andreas, with its magnitude, virtually inexhaustible opportunities and secrets it was hardly to repeat the success. But not for nothing Rockstar employees eat hamburgers with black caviar. They find some way out.

Country of great dreams, a country of opportunity. Country of potential victims, serenity sleeping in their beds, has not heeded the sound of broken glass and Russian obscenities, distributed by the car park. From the list of the main priorities - luxury cars, medical insurance, a prestigious job - the hero of our criminal story attracts only the first thing. Niko Bellik: 30 years, the long ago he left their homeland, long wander the seas in search of happiness, not found, but there it is - a letter from brother Roman.

- Niko, and what do you know about gangsters?
- Nothing, dear, I’ve never met the one.

Brother, in his letter, commented on many luxury of American life, a huge Jacuzzi on the roof and a flock of beautiful women who yearn for privacy with our modest romantic hero. The reality turned out cruel to Niko, brought in a hurry across the ocean to rendezvous with the existence of Eden. But in reality our hero got stinky flat at Brighton Beach (in the game Hove Beach), a huge list of debts, some minor ex-friends at the tail, girlfriend with a dark past and nervous work in the taxi depot.

Grand Theft Auto IV
The first thing that confused with familiarity with Niko it is something unfriendly in his face. With such a face he can grab passers in daylight and under the nose from the cops, without weapons, just to show the fist.

The farther climb into story, so nice to us becomes Niko Bellik. He has no conscience at all. Murder for him is the same natural action as public pick teeth. And his apologies "Sorry!" or "No hard feelings" sound with the clear sarcastic tinge. At the same time, he had strict, but rather a flexible code of honor. He honored the family, male friendship and always will come to help people; especially, if the price suits. What, however, did not prevent him, to assassinate former employers or employers in favor of new ones.

- How about some hot coffee tonight? - Niko, coming home with a girl.

Niko, of course, cool, but without friends and employers its remains only a sad organization of mayhem in the streets. Despite the bad habit to die at the wrong time, many of the heroes of the game will remain in our memory as samples of excellent characters.

Several comrades from the terrible Russian Mafia are, as set, brutal, bloodthirsty, stupid and lacking a sense of style. The fate of there is sad and tragic, but it is quickly forgotten. Recall that Comrade Bellik himself is not a Russian. He is from an abstract Eastern European country. In company with a relative he is rid of a lot of people, and not all are shipped in from the other side of a villain. Frankly, if Niko looks like veteran capable of "steal, kill and sell people into slavery", the fat, and irresolute Roman with his eternal complaints is not looks like clerk even.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Black brothers, following testaments of CJ from San Andreas, represented in the game as a large colors crowd. One of the first encountered, Jamaican Kid Jacob, despite the continuous stay in to stupefy and disorientation in space-time, is not just save the "white ass" of trouble and pull him in new ones. From the rest African-American crowd remembered well Manny. In pursuit of noble, but not too clear goal "cleanse the streets", this exhibitionist, rather than take a broom and a pistol, employs a cold-blooded guys, like our ward, and himself shows his ass in front of the camera.

There are many Heroes, very many. They appear on stage, cookie us jobs, with fun and jokes but do not leave us indifferent. Therefore, someone becomes our friend, and the rest falling on on the stage with bullet in the forehead. And, often the game allows making a choice. Kill one or the other. Run order, or release the victim and then obtain a small plot branch, if not the other end.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Our social life is not limited to call girlfriend with a walk proposal walk. We can date in skittle-alley, billiards, darts, or simply hold a pleasant evening in a cabaret, looking at chronic losers, or listening to local comedians. We may come in many times but every new time we can find something new and interesting there. This is particularly GTA 4, it pays a great attention to details in order to players have always received new experience.

There are a quite a lot of Girlfriends you can date on dating site that works without falling, or in night places when one vice smile allows you to date with some night butterflys.

- I **** you because you *** to ***, even better than last *** *** knows how!
- Yes on ****, *** me, I like you even when *** *** *** ***!
It is Traditional dialogue in the game.

But you can entertain in a purely male company. Friends gladly accept an invitation to visit strip bars and digging there for a full coil. For the little amount of $ 250 we can visit heaven, flying through the clouds and going back… virtually to the ground. "So it is American dream!" - Niko says, looking at two girls, doing crazy things on his knees that we can not see in some German movies. Or, you can stupidly drunk Vodka as well.

Grand Theft Auto IV
This point is deserved special mention. If some of our readers have not yet experienced test this miracle drink, then GTA will give you some visual aids. Stumbling, shooting down everything on the go, periodically falling on the floor, our heroes are struggle to fresh air. The world floats, controls goes crazy, as the message on the screen to press questions about the need drive Comrade home. Incidentally, GTA is given you opportunity to make friends with many personalities, the greatest thing is to listen to them talking in their normal manifestations on the way to their seats, and that they are being speaking under alcohol action.

A mobile phone becomes our most close friend, guiding star and the principal means of communication with customers. At any time you can call your friends, chat about life, to invite at TBS, asking about the work or to rest from storylines missions. In addition, the mobile phone has become an accurate starting to create some interesting missions when it is necessary to find a client in a crowd of passers. Call him and look which of them raised the tube. Then come, and if it’s reluctant to spend bullets to shoot down him just use you legs, a pair of blows to the kidneys, pick up cargo and bear for a meeting with the customer under the cries to frighten passersby and police sirens.

Copies have become smarter, and shrink from their persecution - complicated.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Death is punished, as usual; we lost time and a certain amount of cash. Arrest - additionally take out all expensive weapons. After a hot pursuit you want only park crashed car near home, climb on your stage and to fall on the bed - to survive, to make up for health, wipe the blood from the costume, or watch TV.

TV - this is the same radio, only with pictures. The list of programs is a compilation of parodies of modern shows. News channel Weazel always near when someone dies in pain, asked for help, satisfied lawlessness. Program I'm Rich $ is where, in details, talk about who and how earned their millions. The most interesting thing is there is no legal way. Finally, series about space paratroopers full of dirty jokes and genocide.

There is an advanced vehicles damage model. Of course, realism to it far, but the beauty and reliability of GTA 4 closely approached to the king of auto-apocalypse - Burnout. Dents stay on cars exactly on the spot of impact. In fact, their depth depends exclusively on the force of collision. Easy to brush other car will be a scratch. Throughout the speed - and hood transform, glass dispersion in crumbs, the door stopped closed, and then fall off. Tires are exposed to fire and even blurred. Revolving on the ground with the hand brake, the rear wheels discs will soon cross the asphalt. Shot down a pedestrian and its left wing and the bloody spot along with a small crater.

Grand Theft Auto IV
In one appearance, the car can be predicted in advance of its behavior. Sports quickly recruited speed, excellent listen to management, but light and if you collide with something our hero flying through the windscreen at a meeting with destiny. Powerful jeeps are the Kings of Road. The executive class of cars is ideal for the going around the city. They have excellent management, gently turns, and, not least, have the intellectual GPS system.

GPS is rapidly becoming our second favorite after another cellular phone. Pointing to a map a destination point and the computer quickly draw the best route. The expensive machines have smarter GPS, a special message warns about the future turn. Is it not pleased when gentle female voice reminds the driver: "After a mile will be left turn".

If there is no desire to drive car himself, you can use the subway - the station is in all major areas. Also you catch a taxi and then take a seat in the back seat, choose a destination and, rocking back on the back seat, having a look at houses and pedestrians.

- How do you think you can kill your subordinates?
- Of course, if a subordinate is ass.

GTA has become more serious, and the City has become almost alive. People finally active reasonable: arguing with each other, swearing at the police, drink coffee, chat with friends on the mobile phone, read newspapers. Driving the street you can notice as the guy in the jeep discussing steep price from a night butterfly, a little further police issues fine violators, drivers in traffic jams too lazy to quarrel with, undercut someone - in the back fly insult necessarily. At night the streets have become empty, in a dark lane someone has been beaten by feet, the homeless swearing near garbage tanks with horse voice. But most importantly thing its no sense of scenery, because this world and its inhabitants notice Niko and react differently to its actions. Remove from a car taxi driver and his passenger at that time reached a pistol and Nuzzle in our face. Someone flees call police. Those who dared get themselves in a fight. And they may send our hero to the hospital bed, by the way. That is the man with glass with coffee, pushed his shoulder, drink falls to the ground - and it is well if you just get "Faking idiot". And a number of people facing it not fail to comment on the incident, disturbing from their conversation.

Powerful storyline has maintained an interest, as far as passing new opportunities for recreation, and every new mission carry off the situation, make us play all night long.

You may just simply forget at all, choosing Sleep mode in the mobile phone, and just walk on Liberty City.

- Hey, there you…
- Talkative fucker.
- Yes, exactly...

GTA 4 is one of the most beautiful games on modern consoles. The huge modern metropolis has periodic change of weather, (just have a look at rainstorms at night and the lights of street lamps), fabulous sunsets and dawn. Switch on your favorite radio station in the red convertible on a slow drive along the seafront, enjoying music, crying of bystanders and police sirens - there is something romantic, isn’t it? Admire the reflections traffic lights in the asphalt, spread blood on the sidewalk, cloud of steam from the sewer manholes in the pre-fog. People are closed to the artistic culture will find themselves here.

Grand Theft Auto IV
The great feeling it is when Niko awake in the morning, stand up with alarm, watch the program on TV, descends the stairs and went out to a lively street. Taking car and driving in billiard club where, immediately, without any prelude, to drive a couple of balls in the hole. Then we are walking to the berth, having hamburger from street vendors, and admiring the sea.

Versions of the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 are slightly different from each other. On the Xbox 360 the GTA has a higher resolution and AA 2x, because of what image at sites is not so striking. At the PS3 is not such a clear picture, but the natural lighting, colors are brighter, shade are softer. Visually its looks better. Plus, because of some data is installed on the hard disk, loading the surrounding world is almost no noticeable, that are particularly spoil the lives of the owners of Xbox 360 Arcade.

Grand Theft Auto IV
In both versions, with dynamic scenes, when facing a pile of cars, dozens of people are running around, the frame rate are worsen. Community forums are talking about deleted saves, game lockups, sudden vanishing of interface elements, invisible passersby, the emergence of duplicates of Niko. The Rockstar promises issue an update to soon correcting these mistakes, but we still give a few tips:
1. If you have a game hangs on the PS3 – disconnect your PlayStation Network.
2. In the case of strange brakes, disable "PS2 Smoothing" in configured PS3 option.
3. If you do not want to loose you save games on Xbox 360, do not disconnect the console from the mains.
4. Without the hard drive on Xbox 360 is better not even start playing because of the constant loading.

Of course, there are some drawbacks in Grand Theft Auto IV. But in a project of this size they should be. It's like a cool criminal series, in which you can find homeliness episode. Just spit it, because other episode make you thrill and you can spend the whole afraid, afraid simply shut down the console: What if Niko just suddenly disappear there in such a vast and living world without us.

This world is indeed alive, not by itself, but together with us. He responds to us, and constantly reminds its presence with scenes of immediate natural reaction of residents. Graphics is great, physics is almost perfect, and storyline easily get 40-80 hours of your free time. And, then you can just live in this wonderful city, to gather secrets from, the chasing police, to perform various tasks, relax in cabarets, watch TV and metal darts in darts. Virtual reality is already very close. Rather than to withdraw from home and entertain somewhere, we load Grand Theft Auto IV and with the company of Niko Bellik send himself to new adventures. The Rockstar managed to add to the game so much diversity of content, that even after month playing we can find something new.

And the most pleasant thing, that all features described above are only half of pleasure, which hides in a box with a game. The developers have in fact created mega multiplayer mode. You are waiting for road lawlessness, cheerful aggression and 12 diverse unique multiplayer modes. Read more about this soon in our next review.

• A living city
• Interesting, long storyline with excellent set rollers
• A lot of interesting characters
• The magnificent actors work
• A lot ways to spend leisure time
• Care of the police has become complicated, but interesting
• Nonlinear storyline campaign
• The great physical model
• Excellent graphics
• Beautiful weather effects
• A great attention to detail
• Smooth, natural animation
• Radio stations for all tastes

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