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The MotorStorm - all in Heat, Mud, Dust and Sweat!

The MotorStorm

At the presentation of new PlayStation 3 console at the E3 exhibition in 2006 (It was so long ago! ..), Sony showed several videos, some of which subsequently caused a strong reaction from the public. And if the movie prototype of the Resistance, which then called I8, not aroused special interest, the movie of the MotorStorm remember almost everybody.

The level of graphics in the video was prohibitive: the complex effects of particles, complex physics, advanced deformed objects and surfaces - the players quickly came to the conclusion that he showed not the game at all, but rendered "prototype". After start of sales of the PlayStation 3 everybody could compare the scandalous famous video with the real game graphic.

And what have we seen? The level of graphics in the game was such that MotorStorm, perhaps, to this day remains the most beautiful arcade in "road races". Thanks to remarkable work of artists, designers, with the use of correct video effects in the right places, looks excellent graphics and exclusion does not matter.

The MotorStorm screenshot 2
Most vividly game features are: advanced machines deformation and destruction of the route; traces left wheels of large trucks in the mud lowlands and ravines; tremendous beautiful lighting shocks you first, and then - becoming the norm, after which the remaining race games indeed look like games the past generation.

Let's talk about the game itself.
Structure of the MotorStorm simple as the internal combustion engine: game consists of several stages, and each of which divides on several segments consisting of a number of tracks (from 1 to 4, each track usually contains 3 "circle"). Winning the arrival adds to himself a total number of points. The higher total score, the greater the number of segments will be available for you. Some segments, however, offered only in special conditions - for example, finished no lower than second place in all races the first phase.

The MotorStorm screenshot 3
Events of the game whirling around the fictional "festival" the MotorStorm, held in Monument Valley on the border of American states of Utah and Arizona. Despite the apparent predisposition to open word idea (such as in Burnout Paradise), developers studio picked the more traditional approach and broke the game world at large eight parts.

Evolution Studios gave the game a unique feature: fundamentally different classes of vehicles.
Such as: the standard rally cars, trucks, ordinary and four wheels motorcycles, racing SUV, buggy and so-called mudpluggers - SUV, designed to overcome the most brutal off-road.

The MotorStorm screenshot 4
Different classes have their advantages. For example, trucks are best to mud lowlands, while the lightweight motorcycle in lowland be entrapped and vice versa - will win, galloping by on the surrounding low-lying hills.
Heavy truck - a mountain of metal, mixed dirt successfully and without any consequences to overcome barriers as well as wooden barriers. Managing them feel like Mad Max on the Road Rage, and jumping motorcycles around you look like little grasshoppers.

The MotorStorm screenshot 5
The motorcycle on the same route is enjoying of speed and sky. Half-time arrival motorcycle driver spends in the air. Hoping and jumping in all suitable and unsuitable way. While the heavy trucks are somewhere at the bottom with dirt snarl struggle in a straight line, motorcyclists manages jump all track with zigzag trajectory and, if lucky they not crashed and did not break their unhealthy head on a regular wooden barriers, being the first at the finish.

One track gives fundamentally different impressions.
Variety deformation features and destruction of tracks: occasionally scattered remains of a truck on the road a wooden fence or rally cars will result of an emergency bypass maneuver suddenly emerged on the third circle obstacles.

The MotorStorm screenshot 7
The secret of victory is in the correct combination of work «booster» and hand brakes, which allows for maximum speed, «drifting» take turns and accelerates instantly at the outlet of them. If you entered the drift incorrectly you are departed from the track and crashed, losing a few precious seconds; passing "booster" - exploded, again behind the leader. Algorithm of victory is the same for all classes of vehicles, differ only the best routes. After just several races the MotorStorm becomes native, understandable, but a rich, diverse and unspeakably prolonged because of a game features. Track, one more, and one more ... Sunrise : )

The MotorStorm screenshot 8
The Evolution also produced the paid add-ons to the game: the new regimes tours, new machines and even new tracks. The price of these add-ons varies from 1 to 6 dollars, and with their view of the number of trails in MotorStorm has increased from 8 to 12, appeared in the recruitment regimes Time Trial and Eliminator, now you can even ride on tracks at the time machine from the movie "Back to the Future ".

Amazing combination of simplicity and the ease with diversity and depth. Bright sunny graphics and sound, cool physics. So far, more than a year since the shipping, MotorStorm remains the best implementation of off road - racings on all platforms.

Naturally, such success of the game led to last September, Sony has bought the Evolution studio, and March 12 this year announced the development sequel, which should appear on sale in autumn.

• Seven classes of machines and a variety of options for passing the track
• Combination of affordability and simplicity with depth and diversity
• Correct and deliberate physics, including machines deformation in the fall and crashes
• Good atmosphere "car party"

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