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Need For Speed: Pro Street - Smoke In the Eye

Need For Speed: Pro StreetIn the Need for Speed: Pro Street there are no huge, neon shining cities. There is no crazy police, appearing so ably at the peak time of arrival. There is no variety of areas; each of them has its own memorable architecture and design. There is no trail of the past tricky routes, with dozens of "secret" passages, which could save some seconds. Instead of all this, the players have proposed formal competitions at the boring stadiums.

Traditionally, we play as a faceless hero with name Ryan Cooper. Just as before, he began his career with the bottom, hoping to become an absolute champion of professional street-racing and get the throne of the current king - Rio Watanabe. Towards achieving the dream our hero need to win dozens of tours, divided into several different kinds of competitions, and win the next stubborn Rio’s friends, each of whom is the "King" in its discipline.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
Now, we have madly looking career map, on which there are a lot of graffiti sketches, symbolizing the stages of the competition. The central "backbone" of this map is a number of key events, completing which we open access to side branches of tracks. Crowned the map a crown, each of which prong represents separate competition with one of the vice of Rio.

Regarding the side branches of tracks, it is also not so simple. Each station of the map represents one day of racing, which contains several different types of races, and we need to win in most of the competitions. In this case, players are awarded with money and give the right to choose a prize marker. However, you can try to get a certain number of points, to become a "dominant" racer and get a bit more cash and the right to choose the second marker.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
In order to refresh the process of racing somewhat, we get competitions from time to time, in which all racers have at the very same cars, where wins not an amount invested in the car money but skill. Such races have no particular difficulty as special interest as well. The only plus of that kind of entertainment is the a car.

Despite the variety of types of competitions, are indeed different from one another are only four: Drag, Drift, Grip and Speed Challenge. Moreover - every type of competition requires an appropriately configured car in our garage. If you want you can configure almost any car from one type of race to another, but some cars obviously not intended to participate in Drag or Drift. Thus, it is the best to have in the garage on the car for each type of races, and from time to time to change them with more powerful models.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
Existing kind of races in the Need for Speed: Pro Street, are modifications of old, familiar types of competitions. Grip - this is a normal race. Speed Challenge forces going through a control points with a maximum speed. In Drag now added a mini-game called "rubber burning". Before starting the race we should make a smoke with tires, so that the car has gained a better grip the road. To get the necessary "degrees" learn very quickly. And it was here where we can admire of smoke effects, which developers are so genuinely proud of.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
Regarding Drift, changes affected mainly the car traffic physics. And all would be nothing but tracks are very short - only one left from the track leads to lose all advantages and restart. Besides, points are charged only for the speed and duration of sliding.

There are a lot of changes in garage as well. For the first time in the series concept of "aerodynamics" separates in its own direction. Now a shape has a direct impact on the behavior of the car on track. Changing the various parts of the body, now you can increase / decrease the maximum speed of the car. Another matter that the reality is the indirect attitude - often the changes are outside the logic.

To configure the car more subtly developers suggested already familiar "tuning-shop", in which you can manually adjust the dozens of parameters. And, of course, as before, each of the 55 available cars can be painted into all the rainbow colors, apply hundreds of vinyl, and sponsorship logos.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
The most significant innovation in the game is the availability of computer assistants and the introduction of reliable model of damage. Instead of choosing the level of difficulty we can stay on one of the options of artificial intelligence. The easiest level of using silicon "navigator" for the full the car starts braking before most steep turns, minimizes the possibility of a collision. On average difficulty interference of computer are not so obvious. And at a maximum difficulty assistants disabled. The car really starts to behave in a different, far more realistic way. After Underground and Carbon it’s so unusual to see true physics in NFS.

With regard to cars damage model, it leaves a dual impression. On the one hand - an opportunity to honestly smash our car: all these crashed rear-view mirrors and bumpers look very natural. On the other hand the system is not balanced. Easy to scratch the opponent at the track at a speed of 50 km/h, cost for the repair the same amount as a serious collision with the border "in the forehead". The amount of repair often exceeds the prize for the first place, it looks as mocking isn’t it? For the first time in the past few years, we try to keep the car accurately, using brake before you faster opponent. And unique NFS drive with reckless speed fades away.

Need For Speed: Pro Street
But all that stuff. Most importantly, do not have enough game - this spirit of competition and diversity. After the first 50-60 runs becomes frankly boring. At the level of complexity lightweight opponents did not represent any threat. All reduced to the formula "prokachay wheelbarrows and victories". At a more complex - not so much have to compete with other participants, but with itself. As a result, the only factor heated interest in the game becomes… passage of similar routes for unblocking the new machines or spare parts.

Sounds in the Need for Speed: Pro Street does not offer anything new. The engine roar, and brake chatter, and sounds of collision sound as in last part with minor modifications. Despite extensive list of artists, there is a lack of truly interesting melodies, although the role of background music soundtrack performs confidently. But what is really annoying is boring voice of commentator, who dictates the same phrases time after time. Disable him you want in half an hour.

But graphically game flourished… Car models have become more detailed, paints more naturally, textures better. Depending on the time of day and weather game engine shows a very different picture with natural, living shadows. It is a pity that there is no place to apply this beauty: dozens of similar stadiums do not give the game graphic to show us all its beauty.

There are a lot of changes in the Need for Speed: Pro Street, but a small variety of game modes, boring arenas and the emphasis on realism deleted the main game feature - the crazy drive of Need for Speed. Playing the game we have to cope with boredom mostly than with opponents.

• Beautiful graphics
• Wide range of car models
• Ability detailed settings car
• Interesting multiplayer

• Sameliness of tracks and game modes
• Quite passive opponents
• Madly looking career map
• Damage system is not balanced
• Boring commentator
• Ordinary music tracks

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