Monday, 5 May 2008

The Mario Cart, Wii! Ready! Steady! GO!

The Mario Cart Wii

The Mario Cart, Wii – it is a new title in Mario galaxy.

Brand Mario - is not only a list of a dozen different arcades, but also fights, and race, and RPGs, and sports simulators, and a pack of different mini-games. Alone and with friends, baleen Plumber brings droplets of joy and happiness to every house time after time. Thank you, comrade Mario, for our happy childhood!

Ready! Steady! GO! And dozen adults around the world forget about the difficulties of life and global issues. The race is full of childish excitement and comical jokes of opponents, speeding passing turns and unpredictable behavior of competitors in the Mario Cart, Wii.

The Mario Cart Wii
At the start in the Mario Cart, Wii there are cars and bikes from 25 riders (including Mii-avatar). This characters from the Mario gang, Vario, and Donki Kong are familiar to every player from many excellent games from the Nintendo. Drivers differ by only one characteristic, significantly affecting the gameplay - Weight category, but this is probably depends on the choice of car or motorcycle because each of them has 6 vehicles. Light cars clocked faster and go into breakaway, when heavy cars stable feel at the route, and ram absented opponent.

The Mario Cart Wii
Tokyo Drift? Mega Afterburner? Urban slalom of Mr. Bond? Forget about these stamps and production tricks. Better take a look at what doing little dinosaur Yoshi, bypassing opponents on the gigantic ice, feel the triumph of evil with Vario, maimed favorite for the second of his finish, and applauds every deftly stunts - such is not the case in a movie, although happens in sport. So painful unpredictable, fun and situational demand every maneuver in the Mario Cart, Wii.

Drivers launch snail shell systems "earth-to-earth" and "air-to-earth", cause earthquakes and lightning, spreading banana skin, and traps in the form of bonuses, reduce the size of opponents, and themselves become giants through the magic fly-agarics. All this villainy allows change the course of the race radically in favor of any party, although virtual opponents in the Mario Cart, Wii are not ashamed to use the entire arsenal is strictly against the player.

The Mario Cart Wii
Flew into the gulf, giving way only a few meters before the finish or become a victim of violence fairytale characters? Repay the same coin. And do not forget to use special futures for a short time down a bit to reduce the backlog or to escape forward, there are a lot of options for increasing the speed. Playing in the Mario Cart, Wii you can wisely use features tracks - accelerate springboard enough at each site. You can simply take mushrooms, launch artillery shells or go to the star treatment and fly at supersonic speed half a way.

The game comes with a special device in the form of the steering wheel - Wii Wheel. With the help of this device control, of course, becomes more authentic and radically simplified, unlike of the classic Game Cube controller, that also supported by the game.

The Mario Cart Wii
To win in each of the three racing classes, player must go through 32 tracks at 8 championships. Carting and bikes compete both individually and together. Motorcycles little bit faster and harder in the management, and mixed leagues are distinguishing with foxlike behavior of opponents. The second part of a single game of the Mario Cart, Wii is the race for the ghost, where you should beat the record of game developers without any additional bonuses. The personal dislike between players and characters found out itself in the duel and general mayhem. And if the first one still retains features of the regular race, the second more like a demolition drunken clowns, seeking to pin opponents for balloons or gold coins.

The Mario Cart Wii
The unique architecture of tracks in the Mario Cart, Wii surprising with unusual jumps with unexpected flight through all locations, and pedestrians walk by pests, and the familiar decorations. The race is changing color and themes constantly. We only just carried on the usual route, when after a turn the road becomes ice bobsled Gap, competition in freestyle-jumping to a dozen hills, dangerous super slalom near the cliff, cross-country safari or a great descent on roller-coaster.

But the proud feelings of loneliness, nothing compared with pleasure that awaiting players in the online game with the Mario Cart, Wii. This is a real paradise for riders around the clock with a tour around the world. Championship statistics monitors special Wii-channel, telling the user any information on ongoing competitions and their parties. Not surprisingly, the first week was hard to servers for Nintendo - amount of players has proved several times more than planned.

Pleasure in pure form. Funny unpredictable drivers to bring tremendous speed on the track and child delight, excitement and laughter. The cardinal changes, except for a new class of vehicles and access to online, in the series did not happen, but there is nothing really to change.

• Desire to play for long time
• Online game to 12 players
• Excellent dynamic competition
• A new class of vehicles - Motorcycles
• Various options of races
• Wii Wheel goes with the Mario Cart, Wii.

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