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Another car game to play we have a look at will be the DiRT. DiRT it is a mood game, blinding with first-class graphics and magnificent natural landscapes. It is beautiful, and this is its main advantage. It breathes with freshness of green forests, dry dust of desert, warm summer rain and cold English fog. The sun played on a smooth bonnet of our car, past rushing across rocks, trees, houses, and comes a strange feeling of permissiveness. There are stay no car, no risk no rules, just desire to get maximum from the engine, and driving on the mad speed on unreliable forest cutting, having risk to smash into first tree so far, adrenaline soaked each our cell.

Surprisingly, as the series has changed. Mate Colin McRae has taken over the race ideas from crazy Burnout, some good ideas from MotoStorm and absorbed the essence of them, but maintaining its own soul. We have all the same familiar rally race, only even more arcade, fast, dynamic and entertainment. It has excellent graphics, excellent models of cars, time races and complicated tracks, which twists on the complex terrain. Boulders and trees are happy to take unwary riders in their tight embrace. Do not coped with driving, and a moment later, the car gets serious bodily damages. Fly off the wheels, doors, hood, and glass cracks. You might go on race or you mightn’t. Mistakes are forgiven only on a minimum difficult level where even fatal crashes are not too serious. In other cases, careless driving may compel replay track because of damages received direct affect not only to appearance of our car, but on the behavior of it on the track as well.

DiRT screenshot 2
There are a lot of vehicle in DiRT we have to ride in. Sports cars, jeeps, and trucks, buggy - a total of 46 titles offer their services to us for the trip to the most beautiful tracks in Europe, America and Asia. A variety of natural landscapes is enormous, and each of them creates a special mood thanks to smart visual effects and great working with lighting.

DiRT screenshot 3
Colin McRae series has never been a simulator, but not down in absolute arcade game as well. However, modern time impose its own rules of games: want to sell - make it easy. That's a typical 3-button race, fast and dynamic. Gas still need to be released sometimes, but using brake event is not often. Cars brake almost instantly and speed for a second. With all this managing of cars is varying dramatically. This is particularly noticeable among the classes: when we race the same track at different car, we'll need to accustom ourselves to the new rules, in a new way to enter the turns, take into account the changed situation of inertia and center of mass. For example, where sport cars make cool dashing, truck with a trailer will make hippopotamus slow turn so as not to roll over.

DiRT screenshot 4
Playing rally race mode we don’t have rivals. There's only road; convoluted, difficult road that must be passed as quickly as possible. Who has shown better results is the winner. The main enemy here is a turn. Over time, you begin to distinguish between them, divided them into "coward", "difficult", " sly", "boring", etc. Each generates its own classification. Because of balanced difficulty regimes each player could find rivals for themselves level. Than easier difficulty of the game more wickless the car becomes and so silly becomes rivals. With professionals difficulty we have to tolerate the failure of the vehicle after a pair of accidents.

DiRT screenshot 5
Career Mode in DiRT has more than hundreds of tracks, which are divided into six types. Because of the huge number of tracks, cars and diversity of existing regimes, the career mode is still always fresh and do not forget to give more new landscapes, weather effects, new conditions of the competitions and, of course, provides with new car models. Over the prizes riders get currency, for which they can buy better cars, plus new colors for them as well. The higher level of difficulty, the more money offer as a prize.

DiRT screenshot 6
In addition to career mode, DiRT offers to take part in the championship, or in a separate mode Rally World where we can drive on our favorite tracks as many times as we like. The project offers a huge content for a single game mode, which is diverse, interesting and fascinating, where classic rally next to the jolly races on off-road tracks. Let me say, there are two different games in one package.

Unlike single game multiplayer game looks a little bit undeveloped and empty. There is only normal race game, with the possibility of sending our records online. Why the developers do not leave group buggy tours on off-road tracks!? It is a pity.

DiRT brings only a title from the Colin McRae series. Fans may be disappointed a little bit, but others will have at its disposal excellent arcade race, which is playing simply and with great fun, gives excellent visual effects and variety of tracks, cars, regimes, natural landscapes. Only the steering wheel is not useful here. Just take your gamepad in the hands and let’s go, racing on the best tracks I’ve ever seen, breaking you car, and swallowing dust of prairies. It is only a pity that the multiplayer mode is not as good as the single game.

• Magnificent, high-tech graphics
• A great number of highly detailed tracks
• Large variety of cars from different classes
• Long, and interesting career mode
• Exciting off-road races with rivals
• Excellent cars damage model

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